PUBLISHED 18/01/2022
TAGS 24 Hours of Dubai, Ahmad Al Harthy, Ramzi Moutran, Nabil Moutran, Sami Moutran, Aston Martin GT3

Monumental team effort sees the #95 Duel Racing with TF Sport Vantage take the chequered flag at the 2022 Hankook 24 Hours of Dubai.


A very strong start for the Moutran brothers and last-minute addition, Ahmad Al Harthy, saw the TF Sport Aston Martin run as high as P2 in the GT3 Am class.


Unfortunately, just as the crew clocked up an eighth hour of racing, the Vantage GT3 had to be boxed to investigate an electrical issue.


The ‘never give up’ mentality that encompassed TF Sport and Duel Racing meant that in just over two hours, #95 was back on track and despite the fight for a podium now being out of reach, the Moutrans were ready to make the most of their GT3 debut.


In the time they had left on the clock, the team managed to pull back 12 places overall, to finish P9 in class and P58 overall.


A tough race for all involved. But a great reward to cross the line at TF Sport’s first Creventic showing.


TF Sport will be back in action at the Dubai Autodrome for the 2022 Asian Le Mans Series, next month.


Tom Ferrier, TF Sport - “The result didn’t reflect the effort that was put in by everybody, but it was great to have the Moutrans on board with us and their improvement throughout the week was very promising and Ahmad, as always, showed his strong pace.”


Ahmad Al Harthy, Bronze Driver - “Great opportunity to be with Duel Racing and TF. We had good start to the 24 hours and I’m disappointed for everyone after the technical, but it shows just how fast and how professional everybody in the team is to get the car back out. It was very important for all of my teammates to have a run, as much as they can and I’m obviously looking forward to racing with TF again very soon.”


Ramzi Moutran, Bronze Driver - “The Aston Martin Vantage is a brilliant first experience in GT3. She actually has a bit of an emotion, which I realised in my last stint! Unlike some of the other cars I’ve driven which are just machines, the Vantage has got a bit of a character… Bite her and she bites you back! She was brilliant, absolutely brilliant! That’s what I loved about the whole team, people understood us and treated us each individually and gave us feedback for what we needed. For me, I love the Dubai 24 Hours, and I’ll always do it, but I love experiencing new tracks and I’ve driven a lot of circuits but I want to try more and drive more in a GT3. This is just the beginning.”


Nabil Moutran, Bronze Driver - “Stepping up to a GT3 was arguably the steepest learning curve I couldn’t thought imagined possible, but it was a good first experience with the Aston. TF is a phenomenal team and the reason we picked them is because of the pedigree they come with. They’re extremely professional. We’ve always been a family team, so this is new to us and it’s an experience that we’ll reflect on and then decide how to go forward. It was a very disappointing result, a sad result. The first 5-6 hours, I was quietly confident that we would do very well. Ahmad was a phenomenal partner to drive with, it was a shame Charlie didn’t join us on track and we were obviously looking forward to meeting and racing with Sam De Haan.”


Sami Moutran, Bronze Driver - “So for me, the Vantage was a big step up, considering I hadn’t been in a car, in a racing environment for so long. But it gave you a lot of confidence as you were trying to pick up speed and being able to be up with the other Ams on pace was great. Working with TF has honestly been absolutely great, as they have the same ethos. From the first time I spoke to Tom, it was very open, transparent, honest conversations which is what you want and that family ethos. I honestly can’t see us going backwards in terms of what we race, that would be really hard. As my dad used to say, the harder you work, the luckier you get! Now it’s about putting in hard work. We’ll come back next year and we’ll win. That’s what we do.”