Nicki Thiim Q&A with British GT Fans Facebook Group

PUBLISHED 03/09/2018

TF Sport’s race winner Nicki Thiim took on the British GT Fan Facebook Group during the SRO Speedweek to have a chat with the fans. Here is the edited and abridged version courtesy of the Group.

Who's faster? You or Marco? (Mark Farmer)

Mark “The” Farmer takes it ?

You have a busy schedule this year, how are you finding it, doing back to back races (Markie)

I shouldn’t complain should I ? Living a boy's dream... But honestly, it’s really really hard... people only see the good side of it but don’t really know what’s going on inside the drivers... it’s very stressful. The traveling, the mental stuff setting you up to do the job 100% every time... and of cause dealing with teammates like Mark Farmer ?

Mark Farmer - it's not easy!

Does the busy schedule take away some of the joy of the results? I know after you won the Silverstone 500 you were straight on a plane to Le Mans so maybe didn’t have time for it to sink in. (Steve)

Actually, I talked with Mark Farmer about it... it’s a shame. Winning the biggest race on the calendar should be celebrated BIG time ???

What are your thoughts about the British GT Championship, British tracks and more importantly the British weather? (Matt)

Haha... so far the weather has been good to us ? the tracks so far is amazing... especially Oulton! Looking forward to Brands and Donington.

Given the amount Aston Martins on the grid this year in British GT, what do you think gives you the edge over your fellow Aston competitors in acquiring the GT3 title this year? (Scott)

Simple - Speed & an awesome teammate in Mark Farmer

I’ll ask you the same as I asked Mark Farmer, if you had to partner another AMR am who would it be? (Jemma)

David Richard

How much adjustment in driving styles is required when going from GT3 one weekend to driving GTE the next? (Gaz)

Good question... It’s quite a big one this year as the new Aston Martin Racing GTE has so much more downforce. With the older GTE it was much easier.

How different are the GTE Astons compared to the GT3 Aston? (George) How much of a difference is the between the GTE and GT3 cars? Am I right in thinking the GTE cars don't have the traction control/ABS the GT3 cars have? (Rich)

MASSIVE! Especially with the new GTE... much much more downforce. Last year was easier but now the new GTE’s are complicated. The GTE has the TC. But thank God it doesn’t have ABS 

Which am driver has impressed you most so far this season in the British GT? (Spencer)

Mark Farmer

Where you given a choice as to which team to drive with in this year’s championship? (Matt)

No Mark Farmer forced me into it.

Say your contract with AMR ended... which manufacture would you want to race for? (Adam)

Can’t tell you dude...

How do you think the FIA WEC Super Season is going, we are but 2 rounds in and it will be August before the next... do you think it’s super or not? (Adam)

Haha. As a driver you wanna do more races. Think it’s a great idea to put Le Mans as the last round but so far, it’s not been good to us ?

Both you and Christina (Nielsen) have raced against each other at Le Mans. Have your father's -Kurt and Lars Erik ever raced against each other, if yes, which series was it? (Sarah)

I know them both really well. To be honest I’m not 100% sure but pretty sure they never raced against each other. Nether have Christina & I ? BIG difference from PRO to AM ?

Are you ready to add DTM to your schedule soon, Nicki? (Philip)

If this really happens that Aston enters DTM I would do many disgusting things to do it ? It is NO secret that DTM always has been my biggest dream to do. I grew up with DTM with my dad being there so DTM has had a BIG impact on my life as a mid & motivation to do Racing in general ???

Would you like to do a full season over in IMSA with Mr Dalla Lana if he does take the new Vantage there? (Chros)

I would LOVE to do IMSA... think it’s just my style - Go Hard Or Go Home ??? But if I do it I would like it to be in PRO ?

Do you think BoP hindered you at Le Mans or was it just down bringing a brand-new car? (Matt) I was wondering this too. Hopefully we will see the GTE nearer the pace soon. (Jon)

That’s a hard one ? I would say it’s hard for me to understand that in 2017 all cars were inside 0.4 - 2018 the cars had a spread in both AM / PRO of 3+ sec.... But it’s like a 50/50 ?

What do you think about hypercars plans for WEC? (Jon)

I love the idea.... LMP1 as it is now is DEAD in my opinion. The new supercars would be much more interesting for you guys & the manufacturers.

Would you move into prototype racing if the opportunity was given to you? (Gaz)

NO THANKS! Never been a fan of formula cars /prototypes.

That's interesting, so you would stay with the GT side if AMR entered the new LMP1 regulations? (Gaz) 

Let’s see what happens... because with the new regulations it’s like GT1 in the old days ?

Nicki, do you ever think there could be an accident behind a corner? Are you always calm? (Cristina)

Go Hard Or Go Home ????

What’s the best race series you have driven? (Alex)

I miss the Porsche cup classes... it was for me the most exciting and tuff races. It took 110% out of you. 

How much does sim racing help before you arrive at the track? (Steve)

It’s really only good for new tracks at the moment... I use gaming to clear my mind and have fun with friends and fans.

Would you like to have your own racing team? (Cristina)

I would like to TRY and be a team manager... but I think after racing I will cut the sport completely... sorry to say.

I'm blind drunk. Any advice. It's my wedding anniversary and all I think of is Nordic racing drivers. (Scott)

Drink more mate... ?

I think you were at Goodwood. Did you enjoy it? What did you make of the electrics on the hill? (Jon)

Goodwood is the best event I ever been to regarding Fan spirit... a must-see adventure ???

Would you ever consider racing in Historics, like the Silverstone Classic or Oulton Park Gold Cup? (Scott)

Would love it! Old cars are the best.

How much fun was it filming the "we've lost Nicki" SAS video? I absolutely loved it! So funny ? (Lynn)

It was brilliant mate!!! Great idea by Aston Martin Racing... love to be different & find it cool that a brand like Aston Martin goes this way...

Click here to watch the "Who dares wins" video

Tridbytes wants to know if you are regretting your beard in this weather? (Philip)

Represent the Vikings ? Just stay away from milk ?

Unlike Formula 1, where drivers have one race engineer, how difficult is it working with a different one each weekend, when doing back to back races? (Jemma)

It’s a great and healthy experience... not only for work but for life in general... and makes it a great challenge!

In the future, if you’ll have a son or a daughter, would you like him/her to be a driver? Dansky III ?? (Cristina)

Keep him/she far away from Racing please... ?