Rory Collingbourne Q&A with British GT Fans Facebook Group

PUBLISHED 01/02/2019

TF Sport’s new signing Rory Collingbourne joined the British GT Fan Facebook Group for a quick chat with the fans ahead of the 2019 season. Here is the edited and abridged version courtesy of the Group.

Hi guys, firstly thanks for having me! Fire away any questions you may have 🙂 

What are your expectations for the coming season? (Gaz)

Hi Gaz, working with TF Sport driving the new Aston I have no doubt we will be strong contenders this year. I always aim to set my expectations high, so watch this space!

What made you make the move from Porches to Brit GT? (Matt)

My goal is to drive as a factory driver at Le Mans, by joining TF Sport, who is a factory team for Aston Martin and who already have competed at a high level there, provides me with an awesome chance! Working with a UK manufacturer was also a huge incentive.

What makes this series more exciting than any other you have competed in? (Paris)

Competing against different manufacturers and working with a top team! I’ve got no doubt this could be my best racing year yet!

Which is your favourite track? (Michael)

My favourite is Oulton Park as it’s Round 1! I’m buzzing to get the season underway. 

Which circuit are you most looking to racing at and which one are you going to show the most respect for? (Simon)

I'm really looking forward to the first round at Oulton Park! The most respect will be shown at Spa and the famous Eau Rouge corner!!

How hard are you gonna send it this year? (Caroline)

Send it is my middle name! haha I will be doing my very best!

Which rivals are you most looking forward to racing against? 🏁🍾🏆 (Jeff)

My aim is to be the fastest driver in an Aston GT4 (as there’s quite a few). It’s hard to say as there are still driver announcements being made but McLaren is always one to watch!

How excited are you about driving the new AMR GT4 and also the new Aston as an entire package? (Rob)

Honestly, I can’t wait the car is built to win so I will do my best to make it! Working with Aston Martin is a dream!

Rory, how much will the factory Aston drivers within the team be helping you guys this year? (Matt)

I’ve already found Aston is a big family so everyone will be helping each other no doubt!

I assume you’ve been able to test the car you’ll be driving this season, what are your impressions of the new AMR Gt4 Vantage? (Gaz)  Have you had a chance to drive the car yet? If you have what do you most like about the car? (Tom)

I haven’t yet tested in the car, however, I’ve chosen this drive because I am 100% confident in both the car and the team. I’ll let you know my thoughts after testing! 🙂

Who do you think will be your biggest competitors in GT4 this season? (Rory)

Really is difficult to say we will see at media day! ps great name 😀

Is there any circuit that you most looking forward to driving at this year and why? (Tom)

Currently, Oulton Park as it’s Round 1! I’m buzzing to get the season underway, it’s a bonus because it’s my favourite track too.  It’s a technical and bumpy track, one which I know can intimidate a few drivers. Last year I found it was my best track!

What are you most looking forward to this season? (Tom)

I’m really looking forward to revealing the car's livery at media day and of course, a few race wins will be nice too!

Do you feel your experiences of driver changes at pit stops going in your Lamborghini Super Trofeo days will help? (Rory)

Definitely. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the endurance scene and working alongside my teammate. Pit stop strategy is vital, as I learnt in the Super Trofeo series! 

I notice that you mentioned wanting to drive at Le Mans in one of your replies, are there any other big endurance races that are on your bucket list?  (Gaz)

Yes, definitely my aim is to compete in WEC and for this year the C1 race at Silverstone and Spa haha

As an ex Clio cup driver, how do you feel about the series being dropped from the TOCA package? (Matt)

It’s disappointing, I had an awesome few years competing in the Clio package. However, I do see the advantages of introducing the Mini to the series. I’m sure it’ll be a full grid, packed with action!

Did you get any other possible contracts from other teams? What urged you into joining the TF Sport crew? (Tom)

I’m excited to be managed by Edge this season, I believe they have put me in the best seat this season so accepting TF Sports’ offer was a no brainer. I’m also really looking forward to racing alongside my teammate who I have no doubt is going to be great!

How did you find Clifton college? I went to Clifton high. Albeit about 20 years before you were in the hood. (Lucy)

As someone who never particularly liked ‘studying’ as such, Clifton College was ace. I was able to partake in so many extracurricular activities such as becoming a Navy cadet! Sport was always highly competitive there so I always got stuck into that! Nothing but praise for the school 🙂

Do you speak Welsh? (Michael)

Unfortunately not, I live in South Wales and went to school in Bristol. The only word I know is ‘Araf- Stop!’

Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge or in the cupboard? (Lucy)

In the fridge (I pretty much have it with every meal- guilty! 😂

I just canceled my friend request to you 😂 (Lucy)

Who would have thought ketchup would be a deal breaker!

What's your fantasy 3 car garage? (Andrew)

Aventador SVJ 911 GT2rs Rolls Royce Phantom is on my Christmas list this year🙏🏽

Cheers everyone! I hope I answered all your questions- look forward to meeting you all sometime this season!! Bring it on!